Why You Need the Best Misdemeanor Charges Defense

Being charged with a misdemeanor can be a frightening experience. Although misdemeanors are considered a lesser crime than felonies, they can still have a great impact on your life. With this misdemeanor charge on your hands, you may wonder: Will I have to go to jail if convicted? What kind of financial penalties will I face if convicted with a misdemeanor? What steps do I need to take to protect myself? How do I know which misdemeanor defense attorney is right for me? How will going through this entire process affect my life?

The answer to many of these questions will depend on the type of crime you have been accused of. However, one answer is certain no matter what type of misdemeanor charge you are facing – you need the best misdemeanor charges defense in the San Fernando Valley. The first step to take in order to make sure that you have the best defense possible is to hire a San Fernando Valley attorney that will interact with you on a compassionate and individualized level. That way, you and your attorney can work together to ensure that you have a bright future.

Consequences of a Misdemeanor Conviction

Although it would seem that being convicted of a misdemeanor may be an unpleasant experience, it wouldn’t be the end of the world – right? No, definitely not right. In fact, the penalties of a misdemeanor conviction could affect you for the rest of your life. One of the potential penalties that you could face if you are convicted of a misdemeanor is 6 months to a year in jail. Any amount of time in jail will not only have a negative effect on your well-being, but it will be on your criminal record for the rest of your life. This means that, even when you are out of jail, you will have difficulty finding employment as well as a landlord willing to rent to you. Another consequence is paying off a fine of up to $1,000 dollars. With the both the potential jail time you could be facing and the financial burdens of a misdemeanor conviction, hiring the right misdemeanor charges attorney is of the utmost importance.

The Law Office of Mark Daniel Melnick Offers Years of Experience in Court

One thing that you will need come trial day is an attorney that knows their way around the courtroom. Of course, this means more than simply having fought misdemeanor cases in the past, but fighting them well. At the Law Office of Mark Daniel Melnick, we use an individualized approach to every case we handle. Combined with our years of court experience and strategy with every case we handle, we provide the best misdemeanor charges defense. With the Law Offices of Mark Daniel Melnick, you can begin the next chapter of your life misdemeanor free.