After an assault and battery charge, it can be stressful to feel uncertain of your future. However, hiring an experienced assault and battery attorney can help ease your mind. They are experienced in cases like this and can represent you every step of the legal process. They also can explain each charge that you’ve been accused of to you. They fully understand California law and can uphold it to the fullest in court while representing you.

California Assault and Battery Laws

According to California Penal Code 240, assault is defined as an unlawful attempt with present ability to commit a violent injury on another person. Depending on the type of assault that’s someone has been charged with will determine the way an attorney will approach a case specifically. A battery charge, defined by California Penal Code 242, is defined as willfully and unlawfully touching a person in an offensive or harmful way. It can mean hitting someone or giving unwanted contract such as poking or kissing or touching someone sexually (slapping them on body parts).

An experienced assault and battery attorney understands the law and can approach each case with the defense it requires in order to protect the rights of all of their clients.

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Ultimately, you cannot leave your case to chance. With the expertise of Dan Melnick, you have an aggressive and experienced advocate on your side. With assault and battery charges, there are several defenses that can be used including defense of property or defending yourself or another person. The exact defense used will depend on your case. To discuss your case with Dan Melnick, an assault and battery attorney in California, call his office at 818-981-9777 today.