Felony Charges Defense

When it comes to categorizing the types of illegal activities that are committed in California, there are, for the most part, divided into felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. What being charged with a felony means is that the crime that was committed can potentially result in penalties of at least six months to decades in prison as well as fines that will cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. In other words, a felony conviction can ruin your life. Examples of the felony crimes that you could be charged for are murder, kidnapping, burglary, or grand theft. With many felony cases, including grand theft, a crime that would be a misdemeanor becomes a felony by causing more severe financial or emotional damages to whomever they committed the crime against. In cases such as grand theft in the San Fernando Valley, the distinction between whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor lies within the value of the property taken. California law states that property stolen that is valued above $900 is considered a felony. On top of all this new information on felony charges, where do you even begin to get the help you need come trial day? The emotional pressure involved with anyone who faces a felony charge can be both overwhelming and exhausting. It difficult times such as these, it is important to hire a felony charges attorney to provide you the tools that you need to succeed during your day in court.

What Could Happen If Convicted?

Understanding the types of penalties that can result from a felony conviction is a step that one has to take in order to understand the extent that a felony charges conviction will have on your life. When it comes to felony crimes, it is important to understand that most convictions will mean jail time. And even if you are sentenced only to spend a few years in prison, the social stigma that is involved with a felony conviction will make moving on with your life very difficult. Not only will you have difficulties finding employment or rentals, but some of your friends and family may treat you differently or, in worst case scenarios, exile you. Aside from the social issues that arise out of a conviction, you could also be stuck with hefty fines that will land you in a sea of debt that you may not be able to recover from. With the guidance of a seasoned felony charges defense attorney, you can be protected in the courtroom so you have a better chance of preventing a conviction.

The Best Felony Charges Defense with The Law Offices of Mark Daniel Melnick

A successful felony charges defense requires the keen eye of an experienced felony charges defense attorney in San Fernando Valley. At the Law Offices of Mark Daniel Melnick, we understand that our clients come to us at a desperate hour. Mark Daniel Melnick, Attorney at Law, has refined his skills over the hundreds of clients he has defended in the courtroom. With this, he not only is able to strategize the best defense according to the factors surrounding your case, but he does so as your aggressive advocate. When dealing with the emotional turmoil of a felony charge, leave it to the Law Offices of Mark Daniel Melnick to ensure that you get the best representation.