What Is a Criminal Records Expungement and How Does It Relate to My Situation?

The criminal records expungement process is the process of sealing your conviction or arrest records. In the case that you were wrongly arrested, the expungement process will allow your records of arrest to be destroyed. With conviction records in particular, California law doesn’t destroy the records but instead changes the status from “convicted” to “dismissed”. Either way, the benefit of criminal record expungement is that you won’t have to disclose the existence of your arrest or conviction to potential landlord and employers. What is not clear for many San Fernando Valley residents who are dealing with arrest or conviction records is how to get started with the expungement process.

You may ask: How exactly do I begin the expungement process? Are there qualifications that I need to meet to be eligible for expungement? If there are qualifications, do I qualify? What forms am I required to fill out? Where do I submit these forms? When is the deadline to begin the expungement process? The criminal records expungement in the San Fernando Valley process can be a difficult, winding path that often is riddled with adversity. With the help of an experienced criminal records expungement attorney, you can move on from the past and start a new future with a clean slate.

Consequences of Failing to Expunge Your Criminal Record

With the expungement process having the potential to pose many difficulties for you, you may feel hesitant on beginning the process. In fact, California laws do not even have a statute of limitations on when you must begin the expungement process. Why deal with it now when you can deal with it later, right? Unfortunately, expunging your records does not happen overnight. It can take months, and could even be rejected at the first application, leading you to have to re-apply for expungement and start from square one. The reason why starting as soon as possible is so important is because your criminal records can affect your ability to get a job since most business run a background check. Also, landlords will also run a background check to gather information about your character and how you will be as a potential renter. If they find your arrest or criminal records, you may have a difficult time finding a place to live. In nearly any situation where a person or entity wants to run a background check, you will be met with roadblocks. Bit by bit, criminal records can ruin your life. Don’t wait.

How a Criminal Records Expungement Lawyer Can Help You.

At the Law Office of Mark Daniel Melnick, we understand the importance of expunging you arrest and criminal records so you can begin a new life. With years of experience in the expungement process, you will no longer have to be burdened with the difficulties that are a part of the expungement process – we have your back! Remember, it is never too late to make a difference in your life. With a top notch criminal records expungement attorney in the San Fernando Valley, such as attorney Mark Daniel Melnick, you can start the next chapter of your life criminal record free.