In order to prove a burglary charge in California, a prosecutor must prove that the defendant entered a property with permission and intended to commit a crime when they did. California Penal Codes lists these properties as houses, residential rooms, businesses or apartments as well as outhouses and tents to name a few. The prosecutor also must show that they intended to commit a crime when entering. A burglary charges defense attorney can help represent individuals facing these types of charges. Dan Melnick, a burglary charges defense attorney, has years of experience helping clients with this type of case and can protect their rights every step of the way.

What Are the Different Degrees of Burglary in California?

There are two types of burglary in the state, first degree and second degree. First-degree burglary is any burglary of an inhabited dwelling. Any burglary that doesn’t qualify as first-degree proceeds to second-degree charges. First degree charges are a felony that are punishable to up to six years in county jail or prison as well as fines. Second degree burglary is a misdemeanor up to one year in jail or a felony punishable up to three years to jail.

How a Burglary Charges Defense Attorney Can Help

Some possible defenses that a burglary charges defense attorney can strategize with include permission to enter, lack of intent to commit a crime (lessened charge of trespassing), innocence, coercion, or a building was not a defined structure in the law. Dan Melnick fully understands all burglary laws in California and can create defenses according to their client’s particular case and charges. To learn more about what he can do for you, call his law office today at 818-981-9777. During this important phone call, you can discuss your case and any possible defenses that may lead to reduced or dropped charges.