How a BUI Attorney Can Help You

It was a beautiful day when you decided to spend the day out on the water with your family and friends. Whether to swim or to fish or to just to enjoy the warmth of the afternoon, food and drinks were packed and brought on the boat – including alcohol. Wouldn’t a beer be just the perfect thing to drink as you watched the sun glimmering against the water? Perhaps. But what wasn’t perfect was when a police officer saw you operating a boat, saw the alcohol, and then ended your day of relaxation with a BUI charge – Boating While Under the Influence. Although DUI charges happen all time in the San Fernando Valley, what of BUI charges? BUI laws re actually very similar to DUI laws in that it is illegal to operate a boat with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. The reasoning behind this law is also similar to driving – did you know that the majority of boat accidents are the result of operating a boat while intoxicated? These laws were created to save lives, and unfortunately, you got caught in the middle of it all.

If you have been charged with a BUI, you may have a lot of questions. Do BUI convictions have the same repercussions as a DUI conviction? What are the factors surrounding a BUI charge and what is the best defense to argue against the prosecution? What will happen to me and my family if convicted? With so your future potentially on the line, it is understandable to have mnay questions about your BUI charge. In fact, the first step to combating a BUI charge is to learn as much as possible. The second, and arguably the most important step, is to hire the right BUI attorney for you

Factors of a Great BUI Attorney

Although any attorney can represent you in court, it is crucial that you hire an attorney that specializes in BUI law in the San Fernando Valley. The key factors that convey who are the successful BUI attorneys from other attorneys is the amount of time they have been practicing BUI law as well as the number of successful cases that they have had. What these factors can tell you is whether the BUI attorney has cultivated their own skills in BUI law over the years. With the right BUI attorney, you will have the utmost confidence that your BUI attorney in San Fernando Valley will protect you and fight for you in court. At the Law Offices of Mark Daniel Melnick, we know what it takes to make a BUI charge disappear. With our one-on-one approach to every case that we take, we ensure that each case has the best defense so that our clients can succeed in the courtroom. In hiring Mark Daniel Melnick, Attorney at Law, you can move on from this BUI charge and continue to enjoy sunnt days with your friends and family.