A BUI or boating while under the influence charge can change someone’s life. Although DUI charges happen frequently, BUI charges are less frequent and require the expertise of a BUI defense attorney such as Dan Melnick. He can expertly represent you in all hearings and in court as you need him. He also fully understands all BUI laws in California and strategizes defenses that may help your case.

What Is a BUI?

A BUI, similar to a DUI, makes it illegal to operate a boat with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher in the state of California. Majority of all boat accidents happen as a result of operating a boat while intoxicated, so authorities want to limit these instances. These laws were created in order to save lives. If you’ve been charged with a BUI, you may have several questions that a BUI defense lawyer can answer such as:

  1. Do BUI convictions have the same consequences as DUIs?
  2. What are the factors surrounding this charge?
  3. What is the best defense for this charge?

With your future on the line, it’s understandable if you have questions regarding your BUI charge. Thankfully, with the help and experience of a BUI defense attorney in California, you can have your questions answered.

Hiring an Experienced, Skilled BUI Defense Attorney in California

Dan Melnick, a BUI defense attorney, can represent you expertly in court when you need him. He has the time and resources in order to strategize your case in order to protect your rights along the way. He has years of experience fighting similar cases and is confident he can protect you and fight for you in court too.

To learn more about his experience or to have any of your questions answered, call for a free consultation with a BUI defense attorney today at 818-981-9777.