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Woman may face prison time after felony DUI charge in Los Angeles

There are a number of things that could happen when a motorist is pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. If an arrest is made in Los Angeles, a criminal proceeding may follow. Depending on the charges, an individual could face consequences of probation, license suspension or mandated community service. As one recent incident reminds us, some sentences may involve jail time.

A Los Angeles Police Department officer on a motorcycle was stopped at a red light when a 33-year-old woman allegedly crashed her SUV into him. As a result, the 26-year-old officer, who is a part of a DUI task force, was crushed between the SUV and the vehicle in front of him. He was critically injured and later put in a medically induced coma at a local medical center.

Man convicted of DUI, despite testimony of tainted blood test

Law enforcement often uses tests, including Breathalyzers and blood or urine tests in order to confirm whether a suspected drunk driver is intoxicated. The results of these tests are often considered as crucial evidence in DUI cases. This can mean, however, that a person may be wrongly accused or convicted in the event that the test is somehow compromised.

Recently in Mississippi, in the case of a man accused of DUI causing serious injury, an expert witness testified that fermentation of the sample could have caused the blood test results that were obtained by the lab. The witness reportedly claimed the man had not consumed enough alcohol for the .15 percent BAC level that the test showed. It was not reported, however, how the witness determined how much alcohol the man had consumed in order to reach his conclusion.

Off-duty LAPD officer arrested after crash, suspected of DUI

When most people in California and other localities think about the consequences of being convicted of drunk driving, the possibility of a jail sentence is the first thing that comes to mind. The effects of other penalties for DWI conviction, such as a possible driver’s license suspension, could have longer lasting effects, however.

An officer with the Los Angeles Police Department was arrested recently on suspicion of drunk driving while off duty. The 29-year-old was taken into custody after he crashed into a McDonald’s drive thru. He was reportedly attempting to exit the 60 Freeway and lost control. Authorities confirmed there was evidence that the officer was under the influence, but it was not indicated whether he had submitted to a blood or urine test. According to reports, no Breathalyzer was administered.

California man charged with DUI, other offenses after collision

With people in Los Angeles and throughout California celebrating and enjoying St. Patrick’s Day festivities, police departments and other law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for drivers who are, or appear to be, intoxicated. This can mean an increase in the number of motorists who are accused of drunk driving.

A man from California is now facing charges, including a DUI, in Kansas after he allegedly caused a multi-vehicle accident by crossing the centerline of traffic recently. Two people, the drivers of the other two cars that were involved, were both injured. The drunk driving charge reportedly contends that authorities either determined the man was unable to safely operate his vehicle or that his blood alcohol level was at least 0.8 within three hours of when the crash occurred. He was taken into custody and is being held on bond.

Arrested California trucker hit cruiser, failed roadside tests

When the majority of people in Los Angeles think of field sobriety tests, they think of drunk drivers. Authorities, however, can also use roadside tests to identify impairment due to drug use. Regardless of whether the intoxication is caused by alcohol or drugs, failing field sobriety tests can result in serious charges with lasting consequences.

A trucker out of California was recently charged with a felony DUI and numerous other offenses after failing roadside tests in Utah. Law enforcement stopped the tractor-trailer after the driver sideswiped a Utah Highway Patrol officer’s cruiser. According to reports, he seemed to be unaware he had struck the other vehicle. Although he pulled over voluntarily, the driver reportedly attempted to make a run for it during the field sobriety test; he was able to be re-apprehended.

Amanda Bynes to serve three years of probation for 2012 drunk driving incident

California is home to many celebrities, including child stars. Although some child celebrities are able to deal with their fame in a healthy, productive way, others turn to alcohol and drug use. Unfortunately, these troubles sometimes lead to drunk driving accidents. Thankfully, celebrities often have the resources they need to help them recover from addiction and mental illnesses.

In recent years, former child actress Amanda Bynes has made a habit of driving under the influence of alcohol and using illegal drugs. Not only that, but she has also been formally diagnosed with schizophrenia, which may have played a role in some of her drunk driving incidents.

Questionable blood alcohol tests cause prosecutors to drop DWI case for now

In California and elsewhere, drunk driving is a serious offense that comes with serious penalties, especially when another driver is injured or killed. However, before prosecutors can convict someone of drunk driving, they must present conclusive evidence, usually in the form of blood test or breath test results, that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. Without this evidence, it may be impossible to prove that someone is guilty of drunk driving, even if there is circumstantial evidence.

After a firefighter crashed into a motorcyclist and left him with severe injuries, the firefighter fled the scene of the accident. Soon after the crash, he was seen drinking water at a bar. Two hours after the accident, he returned to the fire station, where he was given a breath test. Although two breath test results showed that the firefighter’s blood alcohol was .13 percent, prosecutors have not charged him. It is likely that they are unsure if the tests will hold up as evidence against the firefighter in court.

California woman kills 6 in drunk driving accident

Although it is important for Californians to enjoy themselves with their friends and family members, celebrations can sometimes go too far. When people consume alcohol, they are more likely to make unwise decisions that, in some cases, can lead to fatal drunk driving accidents. Even worse, sometimes these accidents take the lives of the driver’s own loved ones.

After enjoying a “girls’ night out” that included her older sister and a friend, a 21-year-old woman drove the wrong way on two California highways. She crashed straight into an SUV that was carrying a family of four. Two of the family members were killed at the scene of the crash, and two were pronounced dead at the hospital where they were treated for injuries. The driver’s sister and friend, who were riding in her car, were also killed. It is unknown whether the authorities performed a blood test or a breath test on the 21-year-old.

School bus driver fired for alleged drunk driving

The results of a blood alcohol test or a blood test are usually used as evidence against someone who has been accused of drunk driving. However, these breath and blood tests can be invalidated if a law enforcement official did not administer them. For this reason, some Californians who may have been driving under the influence of alcohol may avoid a DUI conviction.

A Connecticut bus driver allegedly drove a school bus full of students while he was intoxicated. Although breath tests results showed that his blood alcohol level was as high as 0.19 percent, the test results were not used as evidence against him in court because the authorities did not administer them.

Driver who crashed into Orange County home arrested for suspected drunk driving

People who drive under the influence of alcohol can inflict tremendous harm on other people as well as their property. For this reason, the penalties for drunk driving in California and in the rest of the country are quite severe. Nevertheless, some people make poor choices that lead to devastating accidents.

When a vehicle crashed into an Orange County home, it came within a few feet of killing a 7-year-old boy. A 3-year-old, who was also in the home, was at risk too. According to one of the home’s residents, it felt like there had been an enormous earthquake. Thankfully, the entire family survived the accident; a woman suffered only minor injuries and was treated in a hospital.

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